Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare Staffing

for medical facilities and professionals

for medical facilities and professionals

Partnering with Crowdvac Healthcare

With Crowdvac as your Human Resources partner, you can focus on the operations of your facility and delivering quality patient care, while we work to fill your staffing needs with top tier healthcare providers. We attract the best and brightest by taking excellent care of the staff who work with us. We have been placing skilled, dynamic, and hard working professionals in a variety of fields since 2012.

Working as a Provider with Crowdvac

Work for Crowdvac Healthcare as a Locum Tenens, a traveling nurse, or in any professional healthcare capacity, and know that you have a dedicated team supporting you as you seek personal and professional fulfillment. We recognize that our network of providers is the core of our business, and we do our best to ensure you have easy access to positions that advance your career and enable you to make the impact you want to make.

Benefits you will enjoy in a Crowdvac Healthcare placement:

F.I.T. Core values


Our comprehensive candidate search process combs multiple datatbases for the best fit for your open position/s. Every candidate is thoroughly vetted, and medically cleared as part of our presentation and placement process.


Check-in calls and performance reviews take place throughout an assignment period, including client evaluations of provider skills and fit, as well as a provider insights into client workspace and environment.


You are busy managing staff and workload, navigating a strict and complex administrative environment, and sourcing supplies. We aim to be a reliable partner, do what we do best, and supplement your team with top notch people.

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